Last Cry Home

Remembering Wayne Gordon
7-7-51 - 4-29-19

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing your Dad, well I can’t even tell you how hard that is. The only thing that comforts me is knowing he is at peace and no longer struggling. Life is not fair. Life is short. I am reminded to not sweat the small stuff. Enjoy each day to it’s fullest because we don’t know when our last day on earth will be. 

Pencil drawing of wolf

As many of you know, Dad overcame throat cancer about 3 years ago. During this difficult time we grew close. The hospital visits, the prayers and trusting God. He beat the cancer! He was back home and enjoyed life again from riding his Harley motorcycle to working on projects around the house and gardening. 

Pen and ink drawing of a wolf

Then, the dementia started to set in about a year after the radiation treatments were finished. Such a strong man to endure the hospital visits, the testing, the constant medical trips. A leader of the pack. He stayed strong, for us. Dad was a fighter and never gave up hope in God. Faith got the family thru difficult times. 

wolf tattoo idea badass art

My first wrist tattoo “Faith” honored Daddy in the journey with cancer and how thru Faith we can overcome anything. My second “Hope” when he was diagnosed with dementia and the new journey we would all take as we grieve the person we once knew. My Mom, by his side she was a dedicated wife and cared for him, did crafts and got him up and motivated. She has a tremendously big heart full of compassion and love. 

In remembrance of my Dad I started a new illustration. Dad’s nickname was Wolf. He loved and collected wolves. Anything from sweatshirts to blankets. If it wasn’t Harley, it had a wolf on it. And of course black – his favorite color. I named this illustration “Last Cry Home”. This drawing represents Dad as he would typically cry owl and howl like a leader of the pack. 

Badass Tattoo - leader of the pack. Wolf drawing
Wolf Pen and Ink Drawing

ARH-WOOOOOOOOOO!!!! A cry out to the world saying his favorite phrase “Bye-Now”. He always added the “now” when we would hang up the phone. 

Daddy, your struggle is over. You made it to the Kingdom. Jesus anointed you and welcomed you home. I will see you again soon. Until then, run free. Run wild Daddy Wolf. 


I love drawing in pen and ink. – especially animals. Click here to view my portfolio and other works. 

I am accepting new clients and commissions are open if you’d like me to draw you a custom piece. 

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